Hand Knitted Gloves With a Ring. 1095

Hand Knitted Gloves With a Ring
Product: 1095

Gloves are usually made from twisted yarn in the technique of knitting with the primary function to protect hands and fingers from cold, dirt and moisture. The function dictated how many fingers the glove has - one, two, or five. Ethno Network produces replicas of gloves from all parts of Serbia, and of particular interest are replicas of gloves from Eastern Serbia that were once worn by men with embroidered ring on the ring finger and ball tassels on wrist strings to tie the gloves together. It is not widely known that men once knitted mittens with two thumbs, one on each side of the mitten so when the mitten “wore out” on one side, they would turn the worn palm up and continue to use the mitten. Caps and gloves are made as a set but each piece is also available separately. Contemporary design has produced fashionable cut finger gloves with colorful motifs.

Made of: wool, cotton
Technique: embroidery, knitting
Size: 30x10 cm
Hand-made in: 20 hours

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