Socks - Five Needle Knit

Socks - Five Needle Knit. dvc1211

Socks - Five Needle Knit
Product: dvc1211

Socks knit with five needles make an essential part of Serbian folklore in the Knjazevac area (Eastern Serbia) where there is a local museum of antique sets of these well-known socks. Marked by a variety of ornamental patterns, imaginative in style and rich in color, these socks they are outstanding representatives of folklore "naive" art. They were originally made of homemade woolen thread in two colors knit on five needles they were named after. Socks are part of the costumes in which, as in any part of the costume, presented the creativity and skill of knitters. Historically, sock also had an excellent practical application and were worn on various occasions. Ethno Network delivers them as an item of clothing or a decorative item, equipped with a rich frame and a product certificate.

Made of: wool, cotton
Technique: knitting with five needles
Size: 80x20 cm
Hand-made in: 40 hours

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